Bishop Vasa on Interior Participation.

I followed a link from my blogger news ticker.

It had to do with interior prayer.  I started reading it.  It was about the rejection of devotions that followed Vatican II, and the reasons for it, and how it was an improper implementation of the Council.

The article also notes that it is true that popular devotions “eclipsed even the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass” before the Council, but that the post-Conciliar response was an opposite extreme.  The author also noted that his grandparents who recited Czech prayers and the rosary during Mass were well aware of what the Mass is, and that they were participating interiorly.

It basically makes the point that Ralph McInerny once made, and I believe Cardinal Ratzinger said something similar once: the stereotypical old lady saying her rosary during the Latin mass is more in keeping with what  Vatican II means by “active participation” than the layperson at the Novus Ordo who is constantly fllipping through liturgical books for the next page, running up to lector, running up to serve as an ECM, etc.

The article was really impressing me, and  I hadn’t looked at the title of the website/publication or the author of the piece.

It’s none other than Bishop Robert Vasa.


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