Daily Archives: June 10, 2009

_America_ says Diaz is a good choice because he’s a “Rahnerian”

Liberal porn magazine America says that Vatican ambassador nominee Miguel Diaz is a great choice because he’s a Ratzinger scholar.  That’s even worse than the fact that he supported Sebelius.

Nashville Dominicans prepare for an even bigger postulant class than normal

CNA reports:

Wicks said she was particularly attracted to the Nashville Dominicans by their profound charism of joy, as well as their deep prayer life and spirituality.  “It was such a beautiful thing to watch 100 nuns doing their daily prayers,” she said.  “There is this twinkle in their eyes.  You can just see that they really know the Lord.”

The Dominicans currently have 45 sisters in their initial formation program and are preparing for a large class of postulants to enter the community in August