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Kevorkian, Tiller and Levinson

You go when youre supposed to go, and everything else is homicide.”
                                     –Det. Meldrick Lewis, Homicide

(I always remembered the quote as being Pembleton’s, but he likely said something similar).

Barry Levinson, producer of Homicide: Life on the Streets, a show which often had a very pro-life bent, is producing the film previously reported on the life of Dr. Jack Kevorkian, with Al Pacino currently slated to play the role.

In a commentary called “The Truth: Kevorkian Was Less than Noble,” someone named Arthur Caplan expresses hope that they will not paint Kevorkian as a hero.

The flick ought to be titled Homicide: Death in a Van at the Hands of a Nut. . . .

Kevorkian always presented himself as the underdog hard at work for the little people – the helpless and the hopeless. His admirers bought this line of blarney. And Hollywood loves that kind of story.

It is a good story, but it is not true.

Kevorkian was always about Jack as much as he was about the strangers he briefly met and dispatched. When I asked him once if he were aware that one of his victims had a long history of severe depression and had spent many years in a psychiatric hospital, he snorted and replied, “How am I supposed to know all the details of her life?”

Far be it from the doctor to cloud his assessment of a person’s request to die with the details of the person’s life.

Caplan makes an interesting observation:

Despite his skill in administering potassium chloride to the fearful, disabled, lonely, and inadequately treated, Kevorkian was a poor choice to lead the movement to legalize assisted suicide.

This should really say something about *every* liberal agenda in history.  Liberals, by definition, want to “change the rules.”  The leaders of their movements are almost always, “poor choices,” because they’re the people who most *want* to change the rules.  Switch a name around, and substitute “abortion” with “assisted suicide,” and everything Caplan says about Jack Kevorkian applies to George Tiller.

Perhaps the reason that the Left and the Mainstream Media are so eager to paint people like Scott Roeder, Paul Hill and John Salvi, or even Randall Terry, as the real “leaders” of the pro-life movement is that they’re the kind of crackpots the Left accepts as its leaders: Lenin?  Stalin?  Pretty much everyone at Woodstock?  Ever since JFK, who was as much a “drug addict” as Rush Limbaugh and certainly an adulterer, and RFK, the Left has sought the “new Kennedy”: Ted was a pale imitation, class-wise, of his brothers.  So then there were Gary Hart, John Edwards, Bill Clinton and so many others who tried to take up Kennedy’s mantle but had their dashing images shattered by  their adultery.  Or Gore, who, in the eighties got his comparisons to Kennedy but never had the charisma. 

They’ve got one finally in Obama: a handsome yuppie politician who has managed to seduce the media so much that whatever skeletons he may have are kept tightly in the closet, along with his missing birth certificate and the babies who survive abortions in Chicago Hospitals.

As Russell Kirk argues, when the “Left” is right (e.g., segregation), it’s arguing for traditional Western values when the American status quo goes against them.  Martin Luther King was a Republican until Goldwater. 

Legal abortions are supposed to get us out of “seedy backrooms,” but that’s what we still have.  George Tiller and Leroy Carhart work out of facilities that hardly appear like medical centers.

Assisted Suicide sounds noble, as long as you can avoid the fact that the doctors who want to do it are Jack Kevorkians, and the relatives who want it done are Michael Schiavos.

And, even *within* the “homosexual community,” the main goal of the “Gay Rights” movement has been to avoid the image of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Castro Street, Elton John, etc.

And Caplan is apparently no opponent of “assisted suicide”: he blames Kevorkian for setting their movement back.

But that raises another issue about Tiller: if Bill O’Reilly is wrong to call George Tiller “Tiller the Killer,” what of every mainstream reporter who has called Kevorkian “Doctor Death”?

Not surprisingly, Archbishop Carlson says he’ll follow Burke re: politicians

St. Louis’s new Archbishop, Robert, Carlson, who previously told Tom Daschle to stop calling himself a Catholic, and, as bishop of Saginaw, cleaned house on horrible liturgical abuse and heresy in that diocese, says he’d follow Archbishop Raymond Burke’s policy about denying Communion to pro-abortion politicians, if, after dialogue, they refuse to repent.