Nun Arrested for Helping Homeless man

One of the things I like about great women saints is their courage in standing up to secular authorities: St. Catherine marching up to the scaffold to be by the side of Nicholas di Tuldo; St. Clare confronting the Moors with the Monstrance; the Sisters of St. Joseph in Sumter, SC, standing up to Sherman’s troops on Palm Sunday and successfully begging them not to burn the city.

Well, a Missionary of Charity (Bl. Mother Teresa of Calcutta’s order) was arrested today for confronting a cop who was arguing with a homeless man.  The man was armed with a knife and an ice pick.  Sr. Margaret Anthony got in front of the homeless man and confronted the cop, believing that the cop was unnecessarily harrassing the man, especially as they were in front of the shelter.

“The nun refused to stay back. She came through the gate. At one point, she gets right in front of, or right in the middle of, the police officer and this knife-, ice pick-wielding man.” Cmdr. Delrish Moss said.

Moss said police think Sister Margaret was only trying to protect the homeless man, but she “stepped over the boundary” and interefered with the police officer.

Uh, huh.  Yep.  “Stepped over the boundary.”  There shouldn’t be any boundaries between a Nun and doing the work of Christ, Commander. 

St. Catherine “stepped over the line” in the aforementioned incident.
How many times and ways did Bl. Teresa “step over the line”?  After all, she started her ministry to break one of India’s most sacred laws: you don’t touch an Untouchable.

Let’s hear it for Sr. Margaret Anthony!  It’s nice to get some good Catholic news from Miami!

O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee!

H/T to the Curt Jester

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