Jill Stanek, Worst Person in the World?

It’s becoming a bit of a meme that MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann called Jill Stanek the “Worst Person in the World” because she identified the “clinics” run by LeRoy Carhart and Warren Hern on her website. Now, Jill has done a great job standing up for herself on this one, but this one really does take the cake.

In this corner, we have a woman who was a nurse, who stumbled onto to the practice of how, at the hospital she was working at, babies born alive as a result of abortion were being allowed to die with no oxygen, etc., (totally defying, BTW, the “pro-choice” claim that they “just want the baby out of the motehr’s body,” and that they don’t “really” want the baby’s death).

So she’s dediicated her life to saving baby’s lives.

In that corner, we have two men who perform abortions that even most abortionists won’t do, not because they’re difficult, but because they’re so obviously murder.   As William Saletan puts it, describing Tiller as “brave,”

Several years ago, I went to a conference of abortionists. Some of the late-term providers were there. A row of tables displayed forceps for sale. They started small and got bigger and bigger. Walking along the row, you could ask yourself: Would I use these forceps? How about those? Where would I stop?

The people who do late-term abortions are the ones who don’t flinch. They’re like the veterans you sometimes see in war documentaries, quietly recounting what they faced and did. You think you’re pro-choice. You think marching or phone-banking makes you an activist. You know nothing. There’s you, and then there are the people who work in the clinics. And then there are the people who use the forceps. And then there are the people who use the forceps nobody else will use. At the end of the line, there’s George Tiller.

Abortions that the majority of the country oppose, that have been outlawed by numerous federal law and by several state laws.

We’re talking about a man, Leroy Carhart, who has his name on not one, but two Supreme Court decisions–Nebraska v. Carhart and  Carhart v. Gonzalez. In both cases, this guy went all the way to the SC to defend his right to cut a baby’s neck with a pair of scissors and vaccuum the brains out.

So, between Jill Stanek and Leroy Carhart, who is really more eligible for “worst person alive”?

And, furthermore, if liberals are sincere in their belief that “hate speech” or any strongly worded political statement that they don’t agree with, is likely to incite violence, then why isn’t anyone suggesting that Keith Olbermann has subconsciously called out a “hit” on Jill Stanek?

If some crazed postabortive mother decides to walk up to Jill Stanek at her worship service this weekend and shoot her, can we blame Keith Olbermann for “demonizing” her?

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