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Interesting Headlines of the Day

Unauthorized copy of proposed English Translation of the Mass circulates blogosphere

 Liberals who thought they’d won the Culture Wars with Obama’s election realize they were wrong.  Bias exposure: article is phrased in the voice of an “ordinary person” troubled by those “pesky” “Culture Warrior” types keep raising a stink about stuff.

C. S. Lewis said the greatest danger to our souls is greed: working so much we don’t take time for prayer.  His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI reminded his Wednesday audience that, whether we’re having a busy workday or vacation, we should always make time for prayer.

You’ve probably already heard that Our Sunday Visitor has acquired Harcourt Religion.  Apparently, Harcourt Religion only publishes Catholic catechetical materials.  They are the producers of Big Al, the puppet series on EWTN.  A year or two ago, Houghton Mifflin bought HBJ, changing the name of the conglomerate to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.  OSV will corner the market on Catholic catechetic materials and vacation bible school.  What I want to know is: if OSV has been offering VBS services all along, why do so many Catholic parishes use the “Catholic editions” of “non-denominational” VBS’s?

You can’t stop a dictator with diplomacy.

James Francis Cardinal Stafford is retiring, and thus leaving his position as Prefect of the Apostolic Penitentiary.  73 year old Archbishop Fortunato Baldelli will replace him.  Meanwhile, Archbishop Mauro Piacenza of the Congregation for Clergy laments the low attendance at the Sacrament of Reconciliation, blaming  it (rightly) on a lack of a “sense of sin.”  Maybe because so many priests and theologians are teaching that “conscience” means deciding for oneself what is right and wrong??

And . . . here’s one for the record books. . . . It’s a regular “man bites dog”–though it shouldn’t be:

Priest Defends Church’s Teaching on Artificial Contraception.” (In a newspaper, even!)

Walter Williams: the Dumbest Generation Gets Dumber

Dumbest Generation Getting Dumber

How the Media Lie for Obama

You know, for the last couple years of Bush’s administration, we heard how Bush was denying the severity of the economic crisis (and he was).

Now, suddenly, Obama’s president. He’s bankrupted our government. All economic indicators are worse than when he took office. Yet Obama is insisting the economy’s in recovery.

I’ve reached a decision

I once read that having a blogger blog is like having an AOL e-mail address or a Geocities website: it’s for beginners and amateurs.

But there comes a time when you just outgrow Blogger’s limitations. It’s kind of disappointing, though: I mean, I have over 4 years invested in this site. What little attention I’ve gained is attached to lewiscrusade.blogspot.com, and I’m going to have to go through a lot of third party sites and change my address.

Thankfully, whatever article I read the above comment on led me to adopt the www.lewiscrusade.org domain name not long after I started this blog, so, hopefully, any “regulars” I may have know to go there. Should I decide to fully transition to a new site, it will only be after moving all my elements over there. If there’s a way to cross post, I’ll just do that.

But blogger requires many third party add-ons to do things that services like WordPress provide automatically, and then it’s confusing and time consuming to manage all those add-ons.

As I’ve noted previously, several months of upping the ante on this site, and working on other projects behind the scenes, are paying off, just as I am about to return to teaching college online.

I don’t want to backtrack on my creative work and blogging, and I want to keep up the pattern I’ve established these past months (if you’ve noticed, I’ve lately been doing a lot of pre-posting, so I have at least one post at 1, 5 and 9 AM & PM). I’ve built up a facebook presence, and I’ve set things up to send my blog posts to Twitter and Facebook. I want to keep all these going when I start teaching next week.

What I *don’t* want to do is spend a few hours a week hunting down new “widgets” and “gadgets” and whatever to jazz up my blog.

Especially when every “blogging advice” blog I read seems to say, basically, “If you use blogger, switch to wordpress.”

Plus, Townhall.com has its own blogging system, and I’m contemplating using that one.

Anyway, be prepared. If you happen to have a page-based link or link in favorites, make sure you use the domain name, www.lewiscrusade.org, because that will remain the same. That is attached to my Yahoo account, and I can just change the page redirect.

Hello world!

Well, I guess this is my default “first WordPress” post.  I was so focused on transitioning smoothly I didn’t give a thought to it, and WordPress did it for me, anyway.

The juridical links between eugenics and _Roe_

Creative Minority Report explains the links between the Supreme Court rulings on eugenics and _Roe v. Wade_, and how _Roe_ overturned state laws that forbade sterilization of the handicapped.