Why the Radical Abortion Left is "Responsible" for the death of George Tiller

Of course, we’re hearing from all sides how pro-lifers, for expressing the fact that abortion involves the killing of a human being, are just as “responsible” for the murder of George Tiller as the actual shooter, Scott Roeder, is.

Rather than pointing to what Roeder has in common with the average pro-lifer, an honest analyst would contrast him. According to LifeSiteNews, Roeder is, for example, apparently a schizophrenic, like John Salvi before him. That shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Now, right there: if the guy is a schizophrenic, then the exact trigger of his paranoia doesn’t really matter, does it? To say that Bill O’Reilly is to blame for Scott Roeder is to say that Jodie Foster is responsible for John Hinkley shooting Ronald Reagan.

But let’s look at his other behavior. He’s divorced. He has one child by his first wife, and another child out of wedlock by another woman. He’s a tax evader with ties to some militia group, etc.

His only “official” pro-life tie, other than some posts on Operation Rescue’s message board a few years ago, are to an actual terrorist group called the “Army of God”.

Now, as Adrian Monk would say, “Here’s the thing.” Scott Roeder believes he is a sovereign individual. This guy takes his American Rugged Individualism so seriously, he is such a radical Libertarian, that he declares himself sovereign and claims the government has no power over him!

Now, let’s look at who *else* says that: “I can do whatever I want with my body.”

Isn’t that the rhetoric of the Far Left? Aren’t they the ones who demand complete autonomy from government when it comes to matters of “personal choice” or “privacy”?

Isn’t Scott Roeder expressing the views of the Far Left just as much as the Right? (of course, “Everything that Rises Must Converge,” and the Spectrum of American thought tends towards radical libertarianism in both directions).

If Fr. Frank Pavone is to be blamed for giving Scott Roeder part of his rhetoric, isn’t Gloria Steinham responsible for the other half?

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