Where Eucharistic Adoration is encouraged, vocations increase; Uganda provides an example

Like with Confessions, “if you provide it, they will come.” I appreciate that the Eucharist should not be exposed without anyone there, but when parishes make a big deal about “making sure there’s someone there,” and buidling up numbers to “justify” perpetual adoration, it seems to discourage people, through intimidation factor.

Parishes that just open the doors to perpetual adoration have no shortage of adorers. From CNA:

Eucharistic Adoration in Uganda is attracting more lay people to prayer and encouraging vocations, an international Catholic charity reports.
Sister Consolate Shirima of the Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, based at Holy Trinity Monastery in Arua, on the northwest border of the country, discussed the phenomenon with Aid to the Church in Need (ACN).
She said that over the past five years, increasing numbers of lay people have joined the sisters for adoration. An estimated three or four hundred faithful join the monastery for prayer on Sundays, while daily visitors to the monastery’s chapel are so numerous the order has appointed a sister to look after them.

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