Fr. Flanagan condemned Ireland’s Reform Schools and was ignored

Here’s human nature for you:

In a 1946 trip to his native Ireland, Father Edward Flanagan (1886-1948), founder of Boys Town, toured reform schools now under fire for their endemic abuse and called them a “scandal, un-Christlike, and wrong.”
Describing the schools as “a disgrace to the nation,” he told a large audience, “You are the people who permit your children and the children of your communities to go into these institutions of punishment. You can do something about it.”
Minister for Justice Gerald Boland said at the time that he was “not disposed to take any notice of what Monsignor Flanagan said while he was in this country, because his statements were so exaggerated that I did not think people would attach any importance to them.”

Note: that’s the “Minister for Justice,” a secular leader, not a bishop or religious superior.
Isn’t this how it always is?

My wife’s eccentric uncle claimed his whole life he left the seminary because of rampant homosexuality there, but the family always dismissed his claims. When “the Scandal” broke a year after his death, my father in law said, “I guess Lewis was right, after all.”

Patrick Madrid admits that, 20 years ago, when he first heard claims that there were actively homosexual bishops, he dismissed it as fringe lunacy. Now, with Archbishop Weakland’s announcement, he’s like, “big surprise.”

Why is it that the prophets and whistle-blowers are always ignored? “This is wrong. This is happening!”
People respond, “No, that’s way too extreme! I can’t believe it! You’re exaggerating! You’re a kook!”
Then, years later ,when it’s all out in the open, everyone demands and answer as to why the relevant “authorities” (especially if those authorities happen to be leaders in the Church) didn’t “do something.”

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