62% of Maltese don’t use contraception, but Catholic college students get more abortions

Malta is probably the “most Catholic country” in the world after the Holy See. Abortion is 100% illegal, no exceptions. So a headline that 62% of Maltese use no artificial contraception should be surprising not for how big, but how small, that percentage is.

On the other hand, a recent study shows that Catholic college students are more likely to have abortions than students at secular colleges. Shows the contrast when we lose the “Catholic ghetto mentality,” doesn’t it?

This statistic, though, makes sense: modernized Catholic colleges go out of their way to provide moral justifications for abortion. Plus, students are from more well-to-do families that can afford the exorbitant tuition, so they’re more money-oriented . Then there’s the whole “apostate Puritan” mentality: “unwed pregnancy” is scorned while fornication is encouraged.

The public college student is probably has less to worry about in terms of parents’ snooty attitudes.

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