Muslims and infanticide

Last week, Ashley Herzog at published a piece on the rampant misogyny in Islam, and how Western Leftists give a pass to the horrible treatment of Muslim women, just because they see Islam as an ally against a common enemy in the Culture Wars: Christianity.

On the other hand, Christians often try to claim that Muslims are our allies in the Culture Wars against Secular Progressives due to our common moral beliefs.

“Not so, the wicked, not so.”

Islam is so anti-woman that Muslim women are beaten by their husbands for having too many daughters.

“As a child, I saw one of my paternal aunts being submitted to resounding slaps on her face because she had given birth to a third daughter,” Saadawi writes. “The father so hated this child that he used to insult his wife if she used to care for her…The baby had died before she had completed forty days of her life, and I do not know whether she died of neglect, or whether the mother smothered her to death.” Palestinian writer Souad, whom I mentioned in my last column, says that her mother suffocated nine of her own baby daughters.

This is a religion that claims to be “pro-life”, a “religion of peace”?

How are those Muslim saints to get their forty virgins if they don’t want female children?

Or is that where the forty virgins come from?

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