Carhart to run Tiller’s "clinic"

Big surprise here: “Dr.” LeRoy Carhart–as in Carhart v. Gonzalez–the guy who invented partial birth abortion, has decided to rake in some extra dough by managing Tiller’s abortuary for the time being.

Carhart called Tiller’s death a “declaration of war” by radical anti-abortion activists, saying they are no different from al-Qaeda, the Taliban or any other terrorists.

Says the guy who’s no better than a mafia hitman. Or, as Peter Kreeft pointed out after making analogy, mafia hitmen at least have a sense of honor.

And what activists? The ones who’ve almost unanimously condemned the killing of Tiller?

The ones who are upset that acts like this mischaracterize our movement ? The ones who are upset that legal efforts to stop Tiller have now been thwarted, who fear that continued efforts to stop people like Carhart from violating federal law will now be thwarted as well?


One response to “Carhart to run Tiller’s "clinic"

  1. This is a boon to Carhart, who’s seriously upgrading if he can get away without having to reopen the converted muffler shop where he’d been doing his abortion business.

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