Pro-lifers put more faith in Obama to keep his word than the Bushes

Here’s yet another article that insists Sonia Sotomayor is definitely pro-choice on the grounds that there’s no way Obama would appoint a nominee who might vote to overturn Roe v. Wade, speaking only over her vague “far left decisions”, dismissing the three pro-life decisions, and trusting in Obama’s staff.

One of the reasons for justices turning a different way than the presidents hope is inexperience and the different world of the Supreme Court. But another reason is that presidents’ staffers lie to them. The senator who was in charge of the search committee that picked Souter admitted that he lied to George H. W. Bush about Souter’s views.

Isn’t it possible that someone is lying to Obama about Sotomayor?

Meanwhile, Bill Donohue says he will “quietly root for her.”

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