Comments from pro-life leaders and Catholic bloggers on Facebook

Chris Slattery We pray for the family & soul of notorious Late term abortionist George Tiller, who was murdered in Witchita, KS this AM. I deplore this act

Fr. Zuhlsdorf Tiller’s death will bring persecution of pro-lifers

Fr. Zuhlsdorf is horrified by the murder of the infamous late-term abortionist Tiller. There will be horrific blowback agai…

Danielle Bean Oh, this is just horrible. Abortion doctor killed at church.

Domenico Bettinelli Shooting abortionists is doing the devil’s work. It only leads to crackdown on legitimate pro-lifers. Here comes FOCA. #prolife #tcot

Norma McCorvey I am so sorry that he is dead so sos sorry this counln’t have come at worst time for Life ~

Norma McCorvey I feel really bad that this has happened to him George Tiller wasn’t a friend to the children , but this is just not the way it should have ben handeled God rest his soul and Forgive him Father ~

Sandra Cano Murder is not right either on the unborn or abortionist so who ever did this to Tiller took a life which he had no right to do.What makes them any different.A life is life only God has the right to give and take.Pray Pray and then Pray

And it’s not from facebook but here’s from one of Tiller’s most direct adversaries:

Kansas’s former Attorney General Phil Kline, an anti-abortion crusader who
brought an unsuccessful prosecution against Tiller, denounced the murder this afternoon. “I am stunned by this lawless and violent act which must be condemned and should be met with the full force of law. We join in lifting prayer that God’s grace and presence rest with Dr. Tiller’s family and friends,” he said in a statement through a spokesman.

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