How soon they forget about Harriet Miers

Obama’s trying to reassure his base that Sonia Sotomayor is really pro-choice.

Republicans and pro-lifers are skeptical about the pro-aborts’ doubts.

Gee, I seem to remember that George W. “I have no intention of overturning _Roe v. Wade_” Bush nominated this woman named Harriet Miers, who had an ambiguous but left-leaning record on abortion, and pro-lifers (rightly) got into a tizzy, and at that time, liberals tried to say it was a smokescreen to get liberal senators to suppot the Miers nomination.

I hate being an apologist for an Obama pick, but I see a lot of promise in this woman, and I am ashamed of the reflexive flaming that pro-lifers are engaging in in this case.

To wit, here’s some wisdom from Peggy Noonan: “Republicans, let’s play grown up!”

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