Breaking: George Tiller Shot to Death

Notorious abortionist George Tiller, who gave tens of thousands of dollars in donations to Kathleen Sebelius through dummy PACs, was murdered this morning on his way to attend a service at a Lutheran community (note to other Catholic bloggers: _Dominus Iesus_ forbids Catholics from using the term “Church” for entities that lack valid orders and valid sacraments).

This is horrible. A soul has been damned to Hell. He was an abortionist who died en route to attend a heretical service.

Another soul is in mortal sin, fleeing from the law.

The pro-life movement will have been set back decades. We were badly hurt by John Salvi, whose work only inspired Bernard Cardinal Law to have “common ground” discussions with abortion supporters.

This is just the excuse Obama needs to do what we all suspect he really wants to do.

Thinking about the “cycle of violence,” I was reminded of the US Bishops’ spiritual warnings regarding the consequences of executing Timothy McVeigh–consequences that were realized on September 11. That got me to thinking: “I wonder if McVeigh was executed on June 11?” Sure enough, he was. McVeigh was executed on June 11, 2001, and the US bishops warned it would only “perpetuate the cycle of violence.” Three months to the day later, a worse act of terrorism than McVeigh’s happened.

When a society breaks the Natural Law, Nature itself rebels, and the social fabric is torn . Worse and worse violations keep happening until reparation is done. The Greeks understood this: it’s the principle that underlies Tragedy. Every culture that believes in a deity understands it.

The Culture of Death will keep breeding death until America adopts a culture of self-denial and self-sacrifice.

There is some question about praying for the soul of someone who is almost certainly in Hell, whether such prayer constitutes the sin of presumption or “wasted grace.” St. Augustine says that if you pray for someone who is actually in Hell, the grace applies to someone else. Anecdotes about alleged apparitions from souls in Hell suggest that such prayers make the soul’s torments worse.

4 responses to “Breaking: George Tiller Shot to Death

  1. I agree that the murder of George Tiller is a terrible crime, and a big blow to the pro-life movement. It reminds me, however, of a line of questioning that a pro-abortion person used on me once. He asked me whether, if there was a mass-murderer on the loose, taking down victim after victim by shooting them with a gun, it was right, or even obligated that he be stopped by whatever means necessary, even death, if there was no other way, and how that was different from killing an abortionist. Other than the legal difference, it was hard for me to think of a good answer. I know that it’s wrong to shoot abortionists, I completely oppose it, and denounce those who do it, but how are those two scenarios really all that different?

  2. John C. Hathaway

    That’s actually not that hard a dilemma, because it still gets down to the rules for legitimate self-defense.

    If the police are looking for some mass murderer or serial killer and I find out that the killer is someone I know, I have a duty to do something about it: call the police and tell them what I know.

    If I happen to gain that knowledge in the presence of the killer, and he is threatening my life, then I would be morally justified in defending myself (though I could also “turn the other cheek”). If there were other people present, I would be morally obligated to protect them.

    Now, *morally* legitimate self-defense requires doing everything possible to subdue the attacker *without* taking his or her life, if that is at all possible. (Legally legitimate self-defense usually requires killing the person, because it becomes a he said/he said, and people have been sentenced for jail time for “assault” in cases that were self-defense).

    The best thing to do, if at all possible, would be to shout “Ctzns ArrAY-est!” (Sorry, makes me think of Gomer) and tie the guy up till the cops get there.

    Legitimate pro-life groups *have* been doing everything possible to put Tiller out of business: the various civil and criminal suits against him, the efforts to have the AMA revoke his license. Yes ,those efforts have been less than successful so far, but now we’ll never know if they could have been.

  3. I’m still having difficulty. Suppose you’re hanging out on your property, conducting some private target practice on a tin can, when you hear screaming elsewhere in the neighborhood. You holster your weapon, and run onto the street to see a man shooting a bus full of children. You draw your weapon, aim, and tell him to stop. He says, “I was paid to get rid of these kids by their own moms. I won’t hurt you!” How would shooting him be different from shooting an abortionist?

    In the above scenario, I guess you could just tackle the guy, or shoot him in his gun hand. That will only delay things, forcing some time on the mothers to rethink the contract they took out on their children. Unless they have a change of heart, though, it won’t stop it. That would rougly equate to blocking the entrance to an abortion clinic, or slashing the tires of an abortionist before he leaves for work. These types of things are, of course, illegal.

    I am in no way advocating anything violent or illegal. I am trying to work out the logical equivalencies, though.

    Killing someone who will almost certainly go to Hell is almost like sending him there yourself. That’s the primary reason that I’m fervently opposed to the death penalty. A lifetime in prison gives a man time to repent.

  4. John C. Hathaway

    It would be not only justifiable but morally requisite to shoot the guy who’s getting ready to shoot the kids on the bus, especially when he has stated that intention.

    It would be morally licit to shoot him immediately afterwards, if you feared he was going to shoot you. It may even be morally licit to shoot him in the leg, while fleeing, so he could be apprehended.

    It would *not* be morally licit–unless one was a licenesd law enforcement officer or bounty hunter–to go *after* the shooter who had already killed the kids on the bus and gun him down in cold vigilante blood.

    It would *not* be morally licit, when getting word of the planned hit, to seek out the hitman and kill him in advance. It *would* be mandatory to notify the authorities and to warn the kids on the bus.

    In theory, it would be morally licit to kill an abortionist while he was performing the abortion.

    But the only people who are in the proper situation to actually do that would be the people who assist him in the abortion room and no one else.

    Let’s say some hypothetical pro-life vigilante raided the “women’s health clinic” and burst into the OR to try and stop an abortion.

    What if the act in question was *not* an abortion but some routine gynecological exam or other authentic medical practice?

    Now, if an abortion nurse suddenly got a conscience and grabbed the scalpel and stabbed the butcher in the hand so he couldnt’ continue the procedure–that would be morally licit.

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