Ralph McInerny on "A House Divided"

Notre Dame’s most esteemed soon-to-be professor emeritus comments on the recent events at the University where he has worked for over 50 years. The highlight:

All that is an old and oft-told story, still largely ignored officially. There grew up the notion that dissent from clear Church teaching was okay. With time, the difference between the moral teaching of dissenters and what was dismissively called “official” teaching blurred. Generations have been given a distorted notion of the faith. It is no wonder that Catholic politicians undertook to support policies in flat contradiction to what they purportedly believed privately. And so it was that on Sunday at Notre Dame faithful Catholics were regarded as dissenters. To such disfavor we have come.
If the Obama invitation has stirred such passionately prayerful reaction from an heroic band of students, from alumni and Catholics across the country, and ā€“ mirabile dictu ā€“ from more than seventy bishops, it may prove to have been providential, an opportunity for Catholics to recognize that their house is indeed divided.
Anathemas have been called for. Some long to have Notre Dame declared non-Catholic. Perhaps it will come to that, but the awakening of the laity, simple priests, a large number of the bishops, suggests that this is a possible epiphany. The sad fact is that people act contrary to the faith without realizing that that is what they are doing. A heretic chooses the opposite of the faith, but when in the present confusion as to what is in and what is out, heresy is not the appropriate word.

4 responses to “Ralph McInerny on "A House Divided"

  1. It all comes down to the local parish priests. They must preach the truth of the Gospel and the true teachings of the Church. Then it won’t matter if some of the older, poorly-catetechized protest. The thing about these “cultural” Catholics, those who like all the “trappings,” but ignore the teachings, is that their own children will either see no compelling reason to continue to call themselves Catholic, or they will find their way back to the Church on their own. Either way, the trend stops when the clergy steps up to the plate.

  2. BTW, I found some manufacturers of pewter saints online. I’ll put them on my “wishlist.” I’m working on St. Joseph from the Holy Family nativity set now. It’s nice to pray while I paint! Funny how I never thought to do that before…

  3. John C. Hathaway

    Exactly, and the problem is that the parish priests listen to the parishioners with the money.

    Cool about the pewter saints.
    You could do a game! “Saints and Prophets”?

    Definitely true about combining prayer with art.

  4. The best parish priests put Truth above all else. We are very blessed at St. Matthew’s in Spotsy to have Fr. Riley. He won’t even let the boy scouts sell donuts outside the church after Mass, because Jesus said His Father’s house is not a marketplace. He holds Mass, rosary, and catechism classes for parents while their kids are in CCD. His sermons are like catechism lessons themselves. Fr. Deusterhaus is assigned to us, too, and he’s just as wonderful, but he’s a Marine Corps chaplain, so he’s spent most of his time over the last few years in Iraq.

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