Good for them: Christian school tells kid not to go to girlfriend’s prom

Heritage Christian School, a Baptist school in Findlay, OH, has told a student, Tyler Frost, that he will be suspended, given an incomplete for all his classes, and not permitted to attend graduation if he attends his girlfriend’s public school prom.

He signed a contract, upon joining the school, to adhere to its code of conduct. For some reason ,his father, despite enrolling him in the school, is objecting to the school’s decision.

Listen, the whole point of enrolling one’s child in a religious school should be to raise that child in a moral and religious environment. It is stupid to enroll in a school then complain about the school actually adhering to its teachings. We have enough problems with Catholic and other Christian schools that *don’t* adhere to their teachings.

And, before you say anything about Baptists and dancing, I’d suggest reading the Diary of St. Faustina to see what Jesus thinks about high school dances (even in early 20th Century Poland!)

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