"Catholic" Democrat in Texas moves to outlaw "infanticide": is this a good thing?

Simple answer? No. It seeks to reduce the sentence for mothers who kill their children due to post-partum depression. Presently, murder of a child a capital offense in Texas, so the goal is to turn the murder of children under 2 into a “state felony,” meaning the maximum sentence would be 2 years.

It’s inspired by the Andrea Yates case. The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Jessica Farrar (D-Houston), is a “Catholic” who has been praised by NARAL for her “fierce” pro-abortion activism.

While Farrar admits the bill will likely not get voted on at the House floor, and is mainly testing the waters, pro-life activists in the state are bothered because the wording of the bill does not specifically mention “post partum psychosis”:

Dave Welch of the Texas Pastor Council said the bill goes too far because it mentions only “effects of birth or lactation” rather than a specific condition.
“That opens a door you can drive a Mack truck through,” Welch said.

H/T to The Catholic Cartoon Blog

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