New Bishop of Oakland, CA, speaks out on Right to Life at Installation Mass

Bishop Salvatore J. Cordileone, like most Benedict bishops, has a love for traditional liturgy. In March, he celebrated two Masses at Thomas Aquinas College: one was in the extraordinary form, and one was in the ordinary form, but in Latin, facing ad orientem.

He talked about life issues in the context of his ancestors’ immigratoin compared to modern America’s lack of hospitality, particularly to the unborn.

With an obvious reference to Catholic politicians who claim personal Catholicism but do not reflect their faith in their public life, Bishop Cordileone said: “Nothing and no one may be exempt from his rule. Whether in public or in private, whether professional or personal, no matter how intimate, we must claim him as our Lord.”
He concluded the point stating: “To exclude the rule of Christ from any aspect of our lives, no matter how intimate or personal, at best makes us ourselves the impostors; more often, in some way or another we even become accomplices of the moral and physical violence we claim to abhor.”


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