He’s Bright and has brown hair

When we got home, Gianna said she was afraid to go upstairs by herself.
Allie said, “No one’s up there.”
Gianna says, “Someone is.”Allie said, “Who?”Gianna said, “Someone who’s bright and has brown hair.”
Allie said, “God?”“No!”“The Blessed Mary?”
“Your guardian angel?”“No!”
“Saint Theresa?”“No!”I suggested, “Jesus?”
Gianna said, with a smile “yes!”
Allie said, “Gi-ANna, Jesus is God!”
I said, “Where is Jesus?”Gianna said, pointing all over the place, “He’s there, and there, and there, and there.”
I said, “profound theological statement. Now, see, there’s no reason to be afraid of going upstairs by yourself, cause Jesus is up there.”

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