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Patrick J. Buchanan on the GOP’s hopes for 2012

University of San Francisco to host pro-contraception bishop and pro-gay marriage attorney for graduation May 22

From Life Site News:

Bishop Kevin Dowling of Rustenberg in South Africa is listed on the University’s website as the homilist at the Commencement Mass on May 21, as well as the honorary degree recipient and commencement speaker for humanities and science students’ graduation ceremony from the College of Arts and Sciences May 22.

Dowling achieved his claim to fame in 2001, when he became the first African bishop to defy Church teaching on contraceptive use and endorse the use of condoms to prevent HIV.
. . .
In an April 2007 Grand Rapids Press article, Dowlings said of the HIV battle in South Africa: “Abstinence before marriage and faithfulness in a marriage is beyond the realm of possibility here. The issue is to protect life.”
. . .
Another speaker at graduation this year will be San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris, who will give the commencement address for graduate students in the College of Arts and Sciences and the Masagung Graduate School of Management on May 23.

Ms. Harris was a leading opponent of Proposition 8, California’s true marriage initiative, during the campaign season last year.

What do Lutherans look at when they’re bored on Sundays?

This isn’t the Lutheran ecclesiastical building I happened to visit yesterday, but it comes pretty close. Actually, it looks like the stained glass windows in that picture actually have pictures in them.

Read this. Now.

I can’t really add any comment, and I don’t want to copy and paste the whole thing. In this piece, Fr. Zuhlsdorf tears to shreds a piece by “Fr.” Richard McBrien, the heretical University of Notre Dame professor who doesn’t even wear clerical garb but gets quoted in almost every MSM story on the Church, dissecting the progressive Catholic mindset and how they dismiss “conservative” and “traditional” Catholics as an “extremist fringe” who only have influence because we are “in control.”

You’ve heard of messages from beyond the grave? Here’s a message a guy had put on his grave:

Schindler family still fighting for the disabled

The Schindler family, through Terri’s Foundation , are now doing a radio program called America’s Lifeline, which raises awareness of medical rights issues and euthanasia, trying to arm people with information to protect themselves.

He’s Bright and has brown hair

When we got home, Gianna said she was afraid to go upstairs by herself.
Allie said, “No one’s up there.”
Gianna says, “Someone is.”Allie said, “Who?”Gianna said, “Someone who’s bright and has brown hair.”
Allie said, “God?”“No!”“The Blessed Mary?”
“Your guardian angel?”“No!”
“Saint Theresa?”“No!”I suggested, “Jesus?”
Gianna said, with a smile “yes!”
Allie said, “Gi-ANna, Jesus is God!”
I said, “Where is Jesus?”Gianna said, pointing all over the place, “He’s there, and there, and there, and there.”
I said, “profound theological statement. Now, see, there’s no reason to be afraid of going upstairs by yourself, cause Jesus is up there.”