St. Teresa of Avila on detachment from relatives

St. Teresa says that a nun who is unwilling to follow her Rule is free to leave, but that any nun in her House must not seek consolation in relatives:

“here if some relatives are allowed to visit, it is that they might find relieve by being with us. But the nun who desires to see them for her own consolation, if these relatives are not spiritual persons, should consider herself imperfect. She ought to believe that she is not detached, not healthy; she will not possess freedom of spirit; she will not possess complete peace” (Way of Perfection, Ch. 8, para. 3).

She says that a nun who is overly attached to her family should be made to avoid them until she achieves detachments.

“When it is clear that she considers these visits a cross, it will be all right for her to see them, for then she will be of benefit to her relatives and not be harmed herself” (Way of Perfection, Ch. 8, para. 4).

She says that relatives can be of little help to each other in spiritual growth:

“But I know through my own experience as well as that of others that in time of trial my relatives helped me least. It was the servants of God who helped em. By relatives I do not mean parents, for parents very seldom fail to help their children, and it is right fo rus to console them in their need” (Way of Perfection, Ch. 9, para. 3).

One response to “St. Teresa of Avila on detachment from relatives

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