So much for "Christian Democrats" (European version).

One of the claims made in defense of Catholic socialism is that there is a party in Europe called Christian Democrats. They are supposedly economically socialist, but Catholic, following Catholic moral principles. Articles on Mike Huckabee say he’s the closest thing to it in American politics.

I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, until I saw this article.

The Minoriten Church in Linz, Austria, is a Traditional Latin Mass parish run by the FSSP. Occasionally, there are Novus Ordos celebrated there in Latin.

The government technically owns the church, and the government is run by the Christian Democrats. They have ordered the parish to install a movable free-standing altar, so that, if the Novus Ordo is celebrated there, it can be celebrated pro-populum.

So, these wonderful ‘Catholic” politicians are telling churches how to celebrate Liturgy.

Surprised they don’t ban the extraordinary form altogether.

h/t to Una Voce Carmel

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