How hard is Michael J. Fox’s heart?

First Things reports that, recently, Michael J. Fox, cannibalism advocate extraordinaire, was on Oprah, as he has often been this many years. A stem cell research expert, Dr. Mehmet Oz, told both of them, with evidence and illustrations, that the stem cell issue is “dead,” because they have proven that reverse-engineered adult stem cells are superior to embryonic stem cells (since, among other things, there are no immune issues).

He said they are “single digit years” away from developing a Parkinson’s treatment using stem cells derived from the patient’s own skin.

Both Oprah Winfrey, the Great Prophet of the New Age Movement and Obamaism, and Michael J. Fox, the Second Coming of Christopher Reeve, heard this very scientific and non-ideological presentation (Dr. Oz even said, “embryos we are made from”). He made a very strong case that ESCR is obsolete.

Has Michael J. Fox updated his website with this informatoin ? No. Has he stopped pushing for embryonic stem cell research ? No.

One response to “How hard is Michael J. Fox’s heart?

  1. “To get the man’s soul and five him nothing in return – that is what really gladdens Our Father’s heart.” — Screwtape

    Fox is even defeating his own enlightened self-interest. Evil is always the master, never the servant.

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