ACTION ALERT from Children of God for Life

NIH Invites Public Comment on Embryonic Stem Cell Research Guidelines!
Deadline for Public Response: May 26, 2009
The National Institutes of Health is inviting public comment on the guidelines for federal funding of embryonic stem cell research. Children of God for Life has responded and linked our letter, instructions on how to file your comments on-line or by US Mai to the NIH along with helpful talking points for your letters.
Are YOU concerned about the use of aborted fetal cell lines in vaccines and medical products?Don’t let our government make the same mistake again!
To force Americans to be complicit in the death of human embryos by using our tax dollars for this purpose would constitute a violation of the religious and moral tenets of every pro-life person in our country. And it is completely unnecessary – moral alternatives exist in adult stem cells, just as they exist for the vaccines!
Go to our website at and please spread the word as quickly as possible to others in your email lists.

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