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How hard is Michael J. Fox’s heart?

First Things reports that, recently, Michael J. Fox, cannibalism advocate extraordinaire, was on Oprah, as he has often been this many years. A stem cell research expert, Dr. Mehmet Oz, told both of them, with evidence and illustrations, that the stem cell issue is “dead,” because they have proven that reverse-engineered adult stem cells are superior to embryonic stem cells (since, among other things, there are no immune issues).

He said they are “single digit years” away from developing a Parkinson’s treatment using stem cells derived from the patient’s own skin.

Both Oprah Winfrey, the Great Prophet of the New Age Movement and Obamaism, and Michael J. Fox, the Second Coming of Christopher Reeve, heard this very scientific and non-ideological presentation (Dr. Oz even said, “embryos we are made from”). He made a very strong case that ESCR is obsolete.

Has Michael J. Fox updated his website with this informatoin ? No. Has he stopped pushing for embryonic stem cell research ? No.

1/3 US Bishops are critical of Obama coming to Notre Shame

American Papist has posted a map showing the dioceses of the bishops who have criticized Notre Dame’s Obama commencement speech:

There are 195 dioceses in the United States. That means that among US bishops who are the head of a diocese, about 1/3 of them are against this decision.
Plus, I can’t find one bishop who has gone on record supporting the decision. Just something to ponder in the 13 days ahead. Ponder seriously.

No need to take them seriously. They’re just the “extreme right wing fringe” of the Church.

Even some of the most liberal bishops in the country, like Robert Lynch, have taken the conservative side on this issue.
However, one critique: 195 dioceses does not mean 195 *bishops*. There are plenty of retired bishops, auxiliary bishops, etc.

James Carvill says the GOP can’t survive without the Religious Right

Notre Dame "Pro-Life" Plane

OK, this is one where I have to say, “What’s the point?”

Why spend all the money to fly this plane over Notre Shame when the money could be better spent other ways? (Of course, I really don’t know how much it costs, but it seems like an awfully expensive venture.

Fr. Corapi makes his "return" after 2 years

The Deacon’s Bench reports that, after two years without giving any public appearances, Fr. John Corapi, SOLT, will be speaking in Buffalo this summer.

ACTION ALERT from Children of God for Life

NIH Invites Public Comment on Embryonic Stem Cell Research Guidelines!
Deadline for Public Response: May 26, 2009
The National Institutes of Health is inviting public comment on the guidelines for federal funding of embryonic stem cell research. Children of God for Life has responded and linked our letter, instructions on how to file your comments on-line or by US Mai to the NIH along with helpful talking points for your letters. www.cogforlife.org/stemcellalert.htm
Are YOU concerned about the use of aborted fetal cell lines in vaccines and medical products?Don’t let our government make the same mistake again!
To force Americans to be complicit in the death of human embryos by using our tax dollars for this purpose would constitute a violation of the religious and moral tenets of every pro-life person in our country. And it is completely unnecessary – moral alternatives exist in adult stem cells, just as they exist for the vaccines!
Go to our website at www.cogforlife.org/stemcellalert.htm and please spread the word as quickly as possible to others in your email lists.

The Anchoress: Looking for Reagan

The Anchoress has an interesting piece about how Republicans’ desire to find a clone Reagan is hurting the party’s chances of moving forward. It actually reminds me of Democrats a generation ago who were still swooning over FDR, or Democrat Boomers who’ve spent 40 years looking for another JFK (John Edwards? Al Gore in 88? Even Bill Clinton in 92) and have finally found him, the think, in BHO.