Rome’s HLI chief says the Vatican is treating Obama the way it treats Communists

Last week, pro-life Catholic scratched our heads as the Vatican proclaimed that Obama’s first 100 days were not as earth-shattering as we’d feared. Now, I would tend to agree with that assessment, and most of what he’s done basically puts us back to where we were uner Clinton.

But Msgr. Ignacio Barreiro, the Rome bureau chief of Human Life International, sees parallels between how the Vaticcan is dealing with Obama and how it dealt with the former Soviet Union.

A former diplomat himself, Monsignor Barreiro explained the tactic being used by the Vatican newspaper. “It is a diplomatic move similar to the one used several years ago towards the Soviet Union,” he said.
“So here we have a replay of the Ostpolitik that was inspired by Cardinal Agostino Casaroli. This policy is inspired by the perceived need to reach a working accommodation with the many governments in Europe and in America that are dominated by liberal and socialist ideologies.”
Barreiro added however: “In the same way that the Ostpolitik did not work and only weakened the Church, this current approach to the Democratic Administration will fail and would lead to a further weakening of the Church in the U.S. and probably worldwide.”

In somewhat related news, the Vatican has been flooded with letters from pro-life leaders around the world, criticizing the piece in L’Osservatore Romano by Archbishop Salvatore Fisichella, current president of the Pontifical Academy for Life (PAV/PAL), who opposed the now infamous excommunication by Archbishop José Cardoso Sobrinho of Olinda and Recife in Brazil.
According to LifeSite News, pepole are concerned that the move indicates a change in tone at the Vatican, especially as L’Osservatore Romano is “carefully vetted” by the Vatican Secretary of State and the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith.

In an open letter published by today, highly respected philosopher Professor Joseph Seifert, a lifetime member of the ontifical Academy for Life, said that the article has led to a “deep crisis” in the PAV, and “more importantly, of the public perception of Church teaching on abortion.” (See letter:
Professor Seifert, rector and professor of philosophy at the International Academy of
Philosophy of Liechtenstein, writes that because of this article, and its support by the pope’s official media spokesman, Fr. Frederico Lombardi SJ, “countless persons” throughout the world now attribute to the PAV and by extension to the Pope himself, “a propagation of a new moral doctrine diametrically opposed to the teachings of the Church”.

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