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I hate badly written articles about Marfan syndrome

This one has a great human interest angle, but it is very confusing. It says the family have a “connective tissue disorder” that is “related to Marfan syndrome.” Then it goes on with the generic “info” on Marfan syndrome, but referring to “connective tissue disorder.”

OK, Marfan syndrome is *a* “connective tissue disorder” meaning that it is a disorder involving the connective tissues.

The particular protein in the connective tissues that is defective in Marfan syndrome is fibrillin.

In Ehlers-Danlos, which is also a connective tissue disorder, the defective protein is collagen (another common misnomer, even among doctors, is that Marfan is a “collagen disorder”; it is not).

Then there’s Loeys-Deitz (sp?), which is not a connective tissue disorder, but a growth hormone disorder.

Then there’s “mixed connective tissue disorder,” which is an autoimmune disorder that effects the connective tisssues.

But sometimes, people will have Marfan-like symptoms, like the mother and son in this story, but no clear diagnosis due to a lack of a smoking gun.

Marfan is very hard to diagnose genetically without a family history of it.

But isn’t all of that simple enough for a reporter to say without really screwing up the facts?

Frances Bavier, pray for us!

Alas, your on screen grandnephew, Ron Howard, has turned into a real anti-Catholic fanatic with his efforts to turn Vatican opposition into controversy-based publicity.

Please pray for an anecephelactic baby whose survival so far has been miraculous in length

“Baby Faith” has survived over 10 weeks with no brain, but is having some problems.

It gets to my basic question to proponents of abortion, embryonic stem cell research, In vitro fertilization, euthanasia, etc.:

What missing faculty makes a person “no longer human”?

How do you define a “human person”?