OK, let me get this straight . . .

The Society of St. Pius X is considered the scum of the earth in the Church today. The Pope is considered a useful fool at best, and a raging anti-Semite at worst, for *merely* lifting the excommunications of the four bishops who were illicitly ordained by Archbishop Lefebvre in 1988: their status is somewhere akin to that of a divorced layperson. They *can* receive the sacraments if they a) stop acting as priests (since their faculties are suspended), and b) repent and go to Confession.

The SSPX contains some weirdos and fanatics, most prominent among them being Bishop Richard Williamson. Yet the official positions of the SSPX regarding Vatican II do not, at least as presented, seem much different than those of Cardinal Ratzinger/Pope Benedict:

1. They insist that Vatican II is not a dogmatic Council, as both Popes John XXIII and Paul VI says.
2. They insist that Vatican II “got out of hand” in John XXIII’s view.
3. They insist that one does not have to accept every innovative teaching of Vatican II to be a Catholic in good standing. Since many of us are not schismatic and criticize some of Vatican II’s teachings, that position makes sense.
4. They insist that the Novus Ordo as it is contains flaws (Cardinal Ratzinger said similar things).
5. Their website explains positoins such as sedevacantism, etc., but on a page that emphasizes that those are positions that the SSPX does not officially endorse (it’s all a bit confusing in that regard).

Now, compare this. The Holy Father John Paul II stated infallibily, based upon the 1900-year tradition of the Church, that it is impossible to ordain women to the priesthood. Yet Call to Action, an organization that insists it is legitimately Catholic while completely rebelling against the authority of the Holy Father, is hosting a bunch of invalidly and illicitly “ordained” “women priests”.

So we have one group whose official views are only slightly more “extreme” than those of the Pope himself, but they are considered outcasts.

Then we have a group who are completely against the Pope, and they’re considered in full communion.

What gives?

2 responses to “OK, let me get this straight . . .

  1. It’s shameful, I know. Sometimes I wonder what Pope Benedict is thinking in dealing with these other radical dissident groups.

    Is it a case where their actions have already resulted in an excommunication? Or is it a documented fact that they are in ‘full communion’?

    If it is how things are seen, well, that is explained by the fact that the media hates or does not understand traditionalism, and also doesn’t ‘get’ why there can’t be women priests.

  2. John C. Hathaway

    Interestingly, the secular article I got this from at least referred to them as “self-proclaimed” women priests.

    The so-called “women priests” are excommunicated for the same reason the SSPX bishops were excommunicated 21 years ago: for illicit (and, in this case, invalid) “ordination.”

    But the people who attended this CTA conference don’t even have a stigma attached to them, much less any penalty.

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