What will happen when Doctors don’t have conscience rights

A great blog piece, by one “Suzy B”, about the lack of support special needs families get in an era when we can use genetic testing to “prevent” “defective” children by IVF and abortion contains the following bit:

Newsweek spoke to the mother of a Down Syndrome child who said that there was a strong pressure among doctors, telling her to have an abortion. One pediatrician was so bold as to say, “You should consider putting him up for adoption. You’re going to end up divorced. Don’t even bother having any other children. Didn’t you have the option to terminate?”

This disgusting sentiment is exactly what Sen. Edward Kennedy and Sen. Sam Brownback hope to change with their recently passed bill that requires doctors to tell expecting parents about medical care, services, and support available for Down Syndrome children and their families.

I keep saying it: doctors’ conscience rights are *your* conscience rights. Two years ago, when we moved to Columbia, I called around to find a pediatrician who wouldn’t force us to use tainted vaccines. Most of them said they wouldn’t allow patients to conscientiously object, even for religious reasons, because the doctors were against it.

If a patient wants to conscientiously object to some practice, then the patient needs a doctor who will permit it. If the government won’t allow doctors to make conscience decisions, doctors will force such patients to use procedures we conscientiously object to.

Also, of course, we wont’ be able to make our conscience decision of not wanting to engage in remote material cooperation by funding OB/Gyns who provide abortions.

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