Reminds me of high school . . . .

When I successfully applied to college in 11th grade, my school didn’t know what to do with me. The top students in the senior class, who were my friends, were already in a heated competition for class rank . They admitted I was the smartest kid in the school and had the best scores. The school board and the senior class both voted on the subject and said I could graduate as “#1 of a class of 1”, rather than graduating with the seniors . I’ve always said “I dropped out of high school and went to college,” because that’s basically what I did. Whether they graduated me or not, I was going.

Well, it turns out that some of the Democrats, for similar reasons aren’t too happy about Arlen Specter’s party switch. He has such seniority in the Senate that he will potentially knock several committee positoins around. Meanwhile, Jill Stanek suggests that Specter may also throw off a potential Supreme Court Nominee. Her argument: Specter is currently ranking Republican on the Judiciary Committee, and the ranking minority party member has a certain “veto power.” So if the Republicans replace Specter with a more pro-life member on the Judiciary Committee, then that person could have power to stop any Obama nominee.

I would also hope that Specter the “moderate” would at least favor Republican values in some way (e.g., he said in Bush’s nomination battles that he wanted justices who were constitutional originalists, regardless of an agenda on abortion).

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