Speaking as a Far-Right Extremist, please stop calling me a "Far-Right Extremist"

I am sick and tired of liberals calling themselves “moderate” and labelling everyone who has a different view a “far Right Extremist.” They’ve been doing this since at least the early Clinton years.

I mean, we have a man who, while running for president, said our Constitution is a fundamentally flawed document, then got elected and swore an oath to uphold it. He’s not an “extremist”?
I hold certain positions that are certainly on the “far right” side of the American political spectrum, especially if Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul, the guys who actually say what conservatism used to mean, are considered “far Right”.

But it infuriates me when people are called “far Right Extremists” just for expressing conservative views.

On Sunday, we watched part of _Song of Bernadette_ on Netflix. There’s this scene where the police inspector is asking for St. Bernadette’s “testimony.”

He insists she answer accurately, and he will record her answers.

Cop: “What did the woman look like?”
Bernadette: “She was wearing a white dress with a blue girdle. . . .”
Cop: “Did she look like one of the statues at church?”
Bernadette: “No, not at all! She didn’t look anything like the statues. And she moved around, and she talked. . . .”
So, the cop says he’s going to read back her statement.
“Bernadette Soubirous says that the woman wore a blue dress with a white girdle.”
Bernadette: “No! It was a white dress with a blue girdle!”
Cop: “So you’re contradicting yourself!”
Bernadette: “No. That’s what I said all along! You wrote it down wrong!”
Cop (continues): “Bernadette said the statue looked exactly like one of the statues in church. . . .”

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