Ranjith being "exiled"?

Rorate Caeli reports that the rather outspoken Archbishop Malcolm Ranjith is being appointed archbishop of Colombo in his native Sri Lanka.

Upside: he will probably also be created cardinal.

Downside: he was previously “exiled” from a post at CDF, where he was also very outspoken. The original report, by one Andrea Tornielli, suggests that Ranjith will be replacd by an English-speaking prelate who can “pacify the liturgical battlefield.”

Is the “reform of the Reform” over before it’s begun?

Is Ranjith a scapegoat?

Are we doomed to the perpetuation of Communion in hand, pro populum posture and guitars at Mass? Is Pope Benedict really changing courses in the face of Vatican pressure?

Or is this just wishful thinking by the Italian media and the liberal aspects of the Curia?

We already know the new Prefect of CDW supports the Holy Father’s positions on liturgical reform.

We were told a couple months ago that the Holy Father was going to be doing some “shake ups,” but the question was where. So far, the only “shake ups” have been reassignments of people who turned on him, like Lombardi.


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