Liberal Catholics sure hate Deal Hudson

Is it because Mother Angelica’s retired?

I mean, go to any of the major or fairly significant liberal sites, and it’s “Deal Hudson this” and “Deal Hudson that”. I see conservatives quote John Allen, Jr., all the time, and they do so often quite favorably.

Often, their paranoid spectre of “Deal Hudson” is raised even when Deal Hudson had nothing to do with it.

Heck, they don’t even talk about Fr. Pavone!

For example, when Deal Hudson used Sam Brownback’s name in a financial letter, which elicited a negative response from Brownback (big surprise there, sell-out).

Then, when Fr. Euteneuer called Brownback a “traitor,” the typical liberals said it was the “politicla pro-lifers” and accused Deal Hudson of turning on Brownback, when Deal Hudson actually turned on Fr. Euteneuer in favor of Deal Hudson.

I sometimes wonder if these people even know who Judie Brown and Fr. Thomas Euteneuer are. It’s like they don’t exist. Every time HLI or ALL does something–and both organizations are equally and consistently critical of both parties–the liberals, who claim to “transcend” party politics, go after “the political pro-lifers”, embodied in the spectre of “Deal Hudson.”

To hear liberal Catholics today, the “pro-life movement” is Deal Hudson and Randall Terry.

There’s an episode of Murphy Brown when Avery is a baby, and Murphy says something about “Did you see Pat Buchanan under your bed?”

It’s like liberal Catholic parents tell their kids, “Be careful, or Deal Hudson’s gonna get you!”
I mean, does the guy have that much power and influence???

Why do they hate him so passionately?

More importantly, why do they hate him, yet completely ignore/dismiss the real leaders of the pro-life movement?

4 responses to “Liberal Catholics sure hate Deal Hudson

  1. John, I greatly enjoyed reading your post, and I would like to discuss it further with you, offline, if you care to get in touch. There is no doubt that the foremost leaders of the pro-life movement are Fr. Pavone, Fr. Eutenhauer, Judy Brown, and several other notable figures, and let’s not forget those now deceased. I have occasional disagreements with all of them, but not very often. I am sure they have the same with me, but we all work together for the cause of life, and that unites us.

  2. John C. Hathaway

    Be glad to take you up on the offer.

    By “real leaders” I meant the ones who are exclusively focused on abortion/contraception, and not on politics in general 🙂

  3. Der Deal and John

    First off, my name is spelled “Judie” and of course, I am of the opinion that because HLI and ALL are totally Catholic in their pro-life position which means opposing Contraception, we are the most qualified to comment on various aspects of pro-life activism and this is why, of course, we exposed Brownback’s total hypocrisy.

    As for Randall Terry, we would never have anything to do with him due to his total disrespect of Catholic bishops.

    Judie Brown

  4. John C. Hathaway


    It is sad to me that, while Randall Terry and Sean Hannity did so much to actively help Terri Schiavo, both have very serious flaws in their thinking.

    Hopefully this is more pow-wow than rift forming 🙂

    But I’m honored to have replies from both of you!

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