"I’m Not Pro-Abortion"

We’ve heard the antiphon: “I’m not pro-abortion; I’m pro-choice.” Most recently, Francis Cardinal George, OMI, said that that was one of the things Barack Obama said at their recent meeting.

Mr. President, if a politician said to you, “I’m not pro-segregation,” and then voted to fund organizations that engaged in segregation, what would you say?
If a politiciain in the 1840s said, “I’m not pro-slavery,” and then voted to give special tax incentives to plantation owners who held slaves, what would you say?

Cardinal George emphasized that the President wants everyone to think he’s on their side. He desperately wants pro-lifers to *think* he’s pro-life. Cardinal George suggested that there’s a chance Obama is trying to pay some political debts, and tried to see some good will to Obama’s assurances that “the course will change,” but he said that he’s far less hopeful of that than he was when Obama started.

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