Speaking of those who deny the Salvation Mystery,

Joel Osteen is the dubious winner of the “Worst Easter Sermon” Award. I don’t usually delve into apologetic or interfaith issues here, but Osteen is particularly despicable, as is Rick Warren, because both are merely New Age Gurus masquerading as Christian pastors. The fact that both are Larry King’s recent token “Christian spokesmen” should say a lot. On the rare occasions I actually watch cable, it seems I’m always seeing an ad for “Next time on Larry King: Pastor Joel Osteen” or “Next on Larry King: Pastor Rick Warren” or “Next Time on Larry King: Pastors Joel Osteen and Rick Warren!”

I think that Osteen would get along well with German Archbishop Robert Zollitsch:

This year’s winner of the first ever, Worst Easter Sermon Award went to Joel Osteen’s sermon “You Have Come Back Power”.
Commenting on Osteen’s sermon [Chris] Rosebrough [who gave him the award] stated, “Jesus didn’t die and rise again on the cross so that you can have ‘come back power over life’s set backs’. Osteen completely missed the point of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection and as a result he missed the entire point of Christianity.”

Considering that Osteen’s claim to fame is denying the existence of Hell, that’s not surprising.

One response to “Speaking of those who deny the Salvation Mystery,

  1. Pastor Rick is by no means a “new age guru” please visit the Saddleback website regarding the Statement of Faith. It is clearly stated there that Salvation is obtained by Grace through Faith – according to God’s Word. Any “New Age” references are all gossip, rumor and straight out lies. One has to only attend a service to see that.

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