Ralph McInerny on Apocalyptic fiction

Apropos of conservative professors who teach at formerly Catholic universities (and used to write for Crisis), Ralph McInerny, who’s finally retiring from Notre Dame after 50+ years, and who compared the Obama invitation to whoring, has written a cute little reflective piece on apocalyptic fiction at The Catholic Thing.

The Catholic Thing is looking to be a pretty cool e-journal. They just started in June 2008, and I just found out about them a few weeks ago. Where Inside Catholic is the direct, juridical online successor to the former print Crisis Magazine, The Catholic Thing is kind of like its spiritual successor, as the articles “feel” more like Crisis (to me, at least). Its editor-in-chief is Robert Royal (who still writes for Inside Catholic), and its editorial board is a “Who’s Who”.

Michael Novak and Ralph McInerney were the original founders of Crisis. Hadley Arkes had a regular feature in Crisis for some time. Fr. William Saunders is a Diocese of Arlington priest known for his “Straight Answers from Fr. Saunders” column.

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