NFP is a bargain

Allowing for the bearing of two children and 23 other years of fertility from marriage to menopause, the cost of Yaz, the most popular form of birth control pill, will cost more than $15,000.

It’s enough to make you kick the habit and embrace Catholic teaching on birth control. Compare the cost with a basal body temperature thermometer at $14.

“When you look at it from the economics view alone, it makes sense to look into Natural Family Planning (NFP),” said Monica Cassidy, of the Chicago Chapter of the Couple to Couple League.

Marquette Model is slightly more expensive, but easier. Using their numbers, at $150 for the ClearPlan Fertility Monitor and $50 every 2 months for test strips, it works out to being about $7000 over 23 years.

One response to “NFP is a bargain

  1. Learning NFP can be free except for the cost of a digital basal thermometer (about $8 to $10). All the rules for the fertility signs and the Seven Standards for spacing babies through breastfeeding are available free through the 156-page manual, Natural Family Planning: The Complete Approach, at The charts are free at the Home Page also. Sheila Kippley, volunteer for NFP International

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