Diocese of Rockville Center, NY, supports Eucharistic Desecration

Another “I told you so” moment.

Last year, when celebrity canon lawyer Ed Peters initially defended Doug Kmiec, he said that Canon 915 only applies to people who have defiantly and repeatedly engaged in public sin, been warned about it, and refused to repent.

I asked him about a) Satanists, b) People who show up at the altar rail smelling of alcohol or chewing bubble gum, and c) those who show up for mass immodestly dressed (or all three). He accused me of making an extreme argument, that “of course” such individuals should be denied Communion. . . .

I’ve been involved with or read similar exchanges every time a bishop is quoted echoing Cardinal McCarrick’s declaration that “I don’t believe in denying Communion to anyone.”

Well, a priest in the diocese of Rockville Center, NY, recently got fed up with Eucharistic descreation in his parish: hosts being carried out in young people’s pockets; hosts being left in hymnals; etc. He wasn’t even talking about denying Communion, but he said that he was forbidding reception on the Hand.

The priest has received a smackdown from his diocese. Within a week of his announcement, he received a letter from his diocese, stating their policy on reception of Communion, and had to reverse it in the next week’s bulletin.

GEE! People dont’ react this quickly when a priest preaches heresy! But they react immediately when he calls for respect of the Blessed Sacrament!

Anyway, he should do what Cardinal Arinze recommends as a solution to this issue, and what some priests in the Diocese of Arlington do: distribute Communion by intinction. Then it *has* to be received on the tongue, and it *has* to be distributed by a priest.

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