Steele calls Palin and Sanford "Party Leaders"

GOP Chairman Michael Steele, a liberal Catholic (in that he thinks the US Constitution overrides Natural Law), has identified Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, SC Gov. Mark Sanford and former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty as among the short list of the current standard-bearers of conservative leadership.

Personally, since a Gov-Sen ticket is better than Sen-Sen, I’d like to see Palin and Jim DeMint on a ticket together in 2012, as far as currently prominent GOP names go.

I know there’s the whole figure of Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, but other than his superficial credentials, he hasn’t done anything to “wow” me yet. Some combination of Jindal, Palin and/or Huckabee would be a great way to remobilize the Christian vote, but I don’t think such a ticket could necessarily win an election, unless they form a new party, and it’s a three way split. Either Sanford or DeMint would allow room for fiscal conservatives and libertarians to move in, and both have earned a lot of credit for standing firm against the hurricane of our current Administration.
But DeMint’s position, I think, is the stronger one. He has consistently voted against just about everything the president has done, refusing to compromise the way, say, Sam Brownback has. Sanford’s got a lot of ill will over some budgetary decisions this past year, and, again, Palin and Sanford would be a Gov-Gov ticket.

But I’m *really* hoping that, by 2012, Christians get their act together and start a new party, and the GOP presents a solid Rockefeller Republican ticket.

If I were as rich as George Soros or Ross Perot, I’d start my own party, based upon a subsidiarity platform, and run Huckabee as my presidential candidate in 2012, with any of the above who were willing to join as his running mate.

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