Slightly OT: Mixing the Worlds

Had to post this one for its sheer coolness. I’ve previously mentioned Luis Escobar, my second favorite Catholic cartoon blogger, who is an animator for The Simpsons (and really needs to keep up on his great apologetic cartoons). Well, recently, he and some of his colleagues have been doing “crossover” pictures of DC and Marvel characters that are basically the same (e.g., Captain Marvel versus Captain Marvel or Aquaman versus Sub-Mariner).

Anyway, I wanted to post this one because it’s cool. Crossovers are cool, but three-way crossovers are controversial (personally, I love ’em). For example, I’ve long it would be cool to have a humorous crossover of Guiding Light, G. I. Joe and the Simpsons, to the effect that they all take place in the same “Springfield”: Drs. Bauer, Mindbender and Hibbert consulting; C. Montgomery Burns, Alan Spaulding and James McCullen Destro in a joint business venture. . . .

Anyway, Luis did a cool pic of comic book wizards: DC’s Dr. Fate and Marvel’s Dr. Strange in competition, not in mortal combat, but rather in a game of Quidditch!!

Now can we see Luis Escobar versus Michael O’Brien?

One response to “Slightly OT: Mixing the Worlds

  1. Thanks for the compliment and the plug. As for my apologetic cartoons…well, after I saw Paul Nichols' cartoons, I don't think I need to do them. He's dead on and is pretty much doing the jokes I would have done if I had chosen to go that route with my blog. His site is fantastic. Unless of course, that's not what you meant by "apologetic cartoons".

    I think the Dr. Fate Vs. Dr Strange cartoon has been my only "successful" drawing so far (as far as the gag goes.

    Your Versus idea sounds interesting. You ought to try drawing it.

    As for me against Micheal O'Brien…I have to admit, I'm not exactly a big Harry Potter fan, although my wife is. Mostly because I grew up reading fantasy and I think Harry Potter is waaay over hyped. To use a superhero analogy, it would be as if people read an Antman comic and everyone thought he was the greatest superhero ever because it was the only superhero comic they've ever read.

    As for O'Brien's analysis of the book. Well, not having read the last book myself, I can't really agree or disagree. I will say that outside of Tolkien and Lewis, most fantasy books are not exactly very Christian per se. Harry Potter books are neither pro Christian nor are they anti Christian and if they weren't marketed to kids, they really wouldn't have made any waves as far as their controversy goes. Personally, I found that, up until Order of the Phoenix, the books were basically about a bunch of disobedient kids who poo pooed authority to try to solve their "Scooby Doo/Hardy Boys & and Nancy Drew Mystery" by whatever means necessary; and not only got away with it, but got rewarded for it. This was my biggest gripes against the books.

    I think Rowling realized that and tortured Harry horribly to try to make up for it in Order of the Phoenix. Which is the book where all his past disobedient actions came back to bite him in the butt.

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