Susan Boyle Dreamed a Dream, but she’s no Fantine.

On Monday, “The Deacon’s Bench” had a post on “I Dreamed a Dream”. As much as I loved the song, I didn’t see, from the post, the relevance of bringing it up, and didn’t follow his link. I mean, Les Miserables is over 20 years old (though it was recently revamped and revived on Broadway after being closed for a couple years). Neil Diamond popularized this particular song 20 some years ago. Why bring it up now?

When Deacon Greg Kandra put a second post under the title “No song unsung, no wine untasted.” It had to do with some reality TV contestant named Susan Boyle. I had seen references to her on other blogs yesterday, so I said, “OK, I’ll bite.” I played the YouTube clip, and I was stunned. It really is one of the most moving and inspiring things I’ve seen in my life. I have never seen Simon Cowell so visibly impressed with a performer. I know he was thinking, “This is why I’ve been doing all these shows.” I know that’s what he said years ago about Clay Aiken (who turned out to be a huge disappointment in many respects).

Since then, he’s posted a *third* time about her.

Someone has already set up a fan site, The Vancouver Sun has published an article on her instant worldwide celebrity status.

The internet duly exploded with Susan Boyle-mania, with her YouTube video bringing 5.6 million viewings in just three days. Her performance has been seen on CNN and been plastered on newspaper pages from Australia to New York.

Increased demand from music downloaders has sent the original cast recording of the song she performed up the iTunes singles chart, and to top it all off, Boyle has said she has already had a meeting with Sony BMG with a view to releasing an album. “I can’t say much about it. It’s early days and I’m taking baby steps.”

She’s the youngest of nine children, a Catholic who skipped daily Mass for the first time in years to be on the show. She lived with her parents and cared for them until her mother died two years ago. Not only is she a virgin, but she’s never been kissed. She has been singing since she was 12, and she’s always wanted to be a professional singer. Beloved in her parish, she’s otherwise always been a social outcast. She has mental disabilities and certain appearance issues due to her oxygen being cut off during birth.

Her story is certainly one of virtue being rewarded in this life, as well as the next.

3 responses to “Susan Boyle Dreamed a Dream, but she’s no Fantine.

  1. I hope that Susan Boyle turns out to be gay and you choke on your “virtue is rewarded” sermon because I have no doubt that your veiled reference to Clay Aiken being a disappointment can only be about his sexuality. His virtue along with his God given talent and his character are impeccable.

  2. What a shame that someone in this day and age should be chastised for their sexual preference. I agree with what anonymous said. “Judge not yet ye shall be judged”

  3. John C. Hathaway

    Anonymous and Lillian, I doubt you’ll be returning to read this response, but I will respond anyway.

    1. I was primarily referring to his singing. His voice was a lot stronger when he was on American Idol than any of the recordings I’ve heard.

    2. His announcement of his so-called “sexual preference” was “disappointing” to me because he had intially described himself as a devout Southern Baptist, and I was hoping he would turn out to be that wonderful opportunity for a Christian celebrity.

    3. In general, I do not judge performers by their private lives. If you read the archives of my blog, you will see that. If a celebrity happens to live an admirable private life, I admire that. But I also know how quickly that can change (e.g., Harrison Ford, who used to be a “family man” and then went nuts).

    Elton John is very flagrantly homosexual, but I like his music.

    I don’t know whether Barry Manilow is gay or not (evidence is increasingly yes, but I’ve always felt he seemed more asexual). But I’ve always admired him for at least keeping his private life private. Either way, I like his music, and I’m a huge fan, and I don’t really care–insofar as his career goes–what his “preference” is. I just hate it when celebrities make a big deal about their private issues, one way or the other.

    4. What is it? A “preference” or a genetic condition? “Preference” implies the ability to choose. If someone can choose to “prefer” , then they can choose to “prefer” something else.

    5. The Catholic Church teaches that homosexuality is a “disordered inclination”: that the desire for a member of the opposite sex is not evil in itself, just disordered. It’s a temptation. It’s acting on it that’s wrong. A man can desire a 120 lb. blonde and be married to someone else. That doesn’t mean he has to dump his wife and marry the blond.

    The other reason Clay Aiken is a disappointment is that either a) he misled people intitially by his alleged religious beliefs or b) he was corrupted by Hollywood. Our worry about Susan Boyle is that she will be corrupted by the Hollywood engine.

    Lastly, as far as “this day and age,” beware of Chronological Snobbery. Morality is timeless.

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