Cripple kills brother in law with walker

Just odd news, really: a guy who is crippled due to a car wreck a few years ago (in the car wreck, he killed someone else, and is still awaiting trial for vehicular manslaughter), killed his brother in law–who had been caring for him–by beating the poor man with his walker. No clear reason given for why the fight occurred.
Guy may just be off his rocker, or off his walker. . . .

In any case, it should give reassurance to cripples everywhere that mobility devices *can* be used for self-defense, if necessary.

In fact, at our home school “grown up party”, this year, one of the guys mentioned a trip he took to Disney World, where he saw this old man in a scooter run over his wife with the scooter! He said the guy kept bumping his wife in the foot, and she kept yelling at him. Then the guy geared it up and ran her over, and my friend and a few other bystanders had to lift the scooter and the old man up together and off the poor woman.

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