Can stem cells be used to create new eggs in adult females?

Conventional medical wisdom is that a baby female is born with all the eggs she will ever potentially release. Kind of funny for a being who was, untli a few inches before birth, “just a blob of tissue” and “part of the mother’s body.” . . .

Anyway, some lab studies indicate that “stem cells” (no indication of which kind) can possibly stimulate an ovary to generate new eggs.

Now, if it’s actually adult stem cells, then nothing wrong with that. Could be an effective way to treat certain fertility problems without use of artificial hormones or without interfering with the exclusivity and sacramentality of the marital act.

On the other hand, if it’s *embryonic* stem cells. . . . They take embryos, created for an intrinsically evil method of fertility (IVF) but which have not been implanted in the mother, then kill the embryos to get their stem cells, just so they can use those stem cells to help another infertile woman produce new eggs?

Why not just adopt the embryo?

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