Homeschooling is illegal in Brazil

We are told over and over how, allegedly, the Catholic Church is in favor of socialism, in spite the the fact that, for approximately 200 years between the foundation of socialism and Vatican II, everyone know socialism and Catholicism were bitter enemies.

We’re told that liberation theology is OK, if not laudable, that it is not merely Marxism disguised as Catholicism.

We’re told that Brazil’s Catholic population, highly influenced by both liberation theology and the Charismatic Renewal, is a dynamic model to be followed.

However, in this allegedly “Catholic” country, a family who practice homeschooling–which embodies the Church’s teachings on subsidiarity–are being prosecuted for “intellectual neglect.” Even though their eldest children, 13 and 14, have both successfully passed law school admissions exams, and their children have passed all state tests that have been thrown at them in this legal process, the parents are still being fined huge amounts of money and ordered to send their children to public school. The parents keep refusing. They are now at the highest appeal level, and, if they lose, their children will be taken away from them, and they will be thrown in prison.

Please pray (and, if possible), advocate for these “white Martyrs”

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