"Silas commands his thousands, but David, his tens of thousands."

It figures that Kings is getting bad ratings; it’s probably the best television series I’ve ever seen . Both Shakespearian and Biblical, elevating the soap opera genre to its highest potential with a clear moral vision and fantastic acting . . . .
The most recent episode, “First Night,” was outstanding. Almost too much to comment on. Echoes of Barack Obama in Silas’s declaration to his court that he no longer cares about the views of Rev. Samuels. Later, a fantastic discussion between Rev. Samuels and King Silas about sacrifice. “Hasn’t God gotten beyond that?” asks Silas.
David and Michelle being faced with temptation–and turning away from it.

Almost trivial compared to the more profound stories, but still noteworthy, was a discussion of condoms at the beginning. Prince Jack (Jonathan) takes David out for a “night on the town” with a group of army buddies. He and his mother are trying to tarnish David’s public image. There’s this scene where one of the guys passes out condoms to everyone, noting all the things you want to “keep it away from” if you don’t want a pregnancy (in other words, admitting all the ways condoms break), including “a gold-digger’s fingernails.”

It’s interesting, really. Every time I hear an overt discussion of condoms in a film or TV show, it’s about how they *break* or aren’t used properly.


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