Wow! A Great Piece on the Dangers of Modernism in the Church

Found it on “Catholic Sensibility” blog, where they think Roger Mahony is a conservative. Their review/analysis of the piece was all I read at first, and their tone was that author James Kalb is a hypocrite, condemning “liberals” for things “Republicans” also do.

Yet it is very clear from the original article that Kalb is criticizing “liberals,” in the Classical sense, of both the Left and the Right. He says that Vatican II only embraced “liberal Modernism” as the least of the evils when faced with Fascist Modernism and Marxist Modernism, but that the admixture of Modernism and Catholicism is still dangerous to the faith.

What’s especially impressive is that this comes to us via Zenit, owned by the anti-traditionalist Legion of Christ.

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