The New Age Movement

How “self help” and “empowerment” literature, as well as sales/business motivational literature, reflect New Age Ideology.

A referenced article on what the “New Age” means, with discussions of specific New Age practices that have crept into Catholic venues: “dialoguing” with dreams; “Biospiritual” focusing (using senses as an avenue to spiritual connection; contradicts all the Mystical Doctors); Reiki (belief in cosmic “energy”; “the Force,” basically); Eco-Spirituality (pantheism); worship of the Goddess Sophia; Reflexology (at best, a form of foot massage; but its claims at healing are scientifically unproven and therefore, by St. Augustine’s standard, qualify as witchcraft); using Sufi Muslim mystical practices; Centering Prayer/Transcendental Meditation; the Enneagram; belief in the “Cosmic Dancer”, etc.

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