My letter to Fr. Jenkins

I went to and followed their link for e-mailing Fr. Jenkins. Here’s what I said:

Dear Fr. Jenkins,

I know you’re taking a lot of grief for inviting President Barack Obama to speak at Notre Dame’s commencement. I just wanted to say that I, for one, am glad you’ve done this.

After all, Cardinal O’Connor called for a boycott of Notre Dame 16 years ago, and few people listened. Now, lots of Catholics are seeing that Notre Dame cares more about football than it does about Catholicism. Archbishop Sheen said something similar decades ago.

After all, you employ the heretic Richard McBrien. You refuse to implement _Ex Corde Ecclesiae_. You have facilitating the mocking of Our Blessed Lady with terms like “Hail Mary Pass” and “Immaculate Reception.”

President Barack Obama is, firstly, a Protestant. His speeches reflect the ideology of the “New Age Movement” and Marxist historicism. He has the glowing endorsements of all the leaders of the Satanic New Age Movement. He and his wife very blatantly practice artificial contraception. He supports legalization of both artificial contraceptoin and abortion.

He is a perfect complement to the heresies taught at your university.
I just ask you to stop commiting fraud by advertising your school as “Catholic.”

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